Azlocation.az - is a dynamic project, which aims to mutual benefit between site visitors and our partners. We place a high quality information for visitors, in order to satisfy their needs. A satisfied customer - is the key of success to any business. Azlocation.az actively aims to develop the tourism sector in Azerbaijan. Our project operates for the benefit of the interests of society and the state. Azerbaijan increasingly attracts tourists for its large-scale events every year. Azlocation.az is being informed about upcoming events, thereby attracting a growing number of tourists, because the site has list of all segments which delivers comfort and convenient information to local residents and foreign visitors. The project target is development and expansion of the tourism sector.
1. Recognition. Recognition is the key! There is great amount of companies with excellent attitude and functionality around, but unfortunately have grown no rating due being unpopular. And the main question is “Where should customer get detailed info about service or company if he’s not aware of it?” The qualified Advertising is the point that will increase the presence of the customer. The more advertising functions, the more people talk about its subject. Advertising guarantees revenue volume increase. The map shows all the companies. Public recognition is what differs you from competitors. Recognition is the key!
2. Catalogue. Information about our partners will be placed on catalogues as well as on web site pages. It will contain: the name of the company (service), its product, the address (including website and email), phone number and summary of the company (service). Catalogues will be distributed and spread on business events and meetings, as well as on certain exhibitions. This will cause increase of public recognition and give great advantage to our partners. Website is good, a website and catalogue are even better!
3. Offline map. Just imagine the situation when the potential customer is urgently needed to call a taxi, but he does not know which company service to you. At the same time, he does not have Wİ-Fİ access. With Azlocation.az Offline Map feature customer will have the necessary access to wanted information. He will be able to find the right company for himself, and solve the problem. Customer will be happy as well as our partner will be happy as well as Azlocation.az will be happy for previous both.
4. News Feed. Site visitos will be able to view the freshest news and products offered by our partners within the news feed. The more the customer is aware of the company and its services, the greater the trust arises, which will contribute to consumers to reply back to the company.
5. Geolocation. The user will always be able to see the route from point A to point B, while using our geolocation feature. Any needed location is easily detected just because of this feature. It’s great finding for people which are uncomfortable with landmarks.
6. Instant access. Loading of information on our portal occurs instantly. The user will not have to wait and be nervous, yet he will get his required information right away. Time is money!
Our partners can be sure that their products are in safe hands, due to all up listed advantages of Azlocation.az. Our project helps to find instant answers for instant questions making customer’s life much easier. To do so we made special sections which are divided into units. You should take in account that our site will be visited not only by local user but also foreign ones, due to affecting all segments of business and services, The number of tourists in our country is growing steadily. Almost all of them are interested in a variety of boutiques, shops, cafes and restaurants. By visiting our site, they will choose exactly what they need. The covarage of our audience is global. Cooperating with Azlocation.az, business partner definitely will be satisfied, because the popularity of its products (services) will increase significantly. Partners will need only choose 1 of 5 packages offered by our project. Well, let's start to promote your products?