What do you know about Azerbaijan? What would you like to know about it? Probably, you have heard about its beautiful and ancient traditions, about historical moments that have influenced many events of the World history, about its useful natural sources, that really make you healthy, and, of course, about its amazingly delicious cuisine. (also smelled fragrant dolma?)
So, let me show you through the sentences that Azerbaijan, which is worth a visit, and visiting once – repeatedly return. Let's start with the treasure of UNESCO - "Old city" (Icheri Sheher). A place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world. In addition to the remarkable history, which its streets are saturated with, it is worth paying special attention to its doors. Yes, yes, the doors! They are so bright and colorful that it is impossible to pass by and not be photographed against their background. Thera are many unique museums in the "Old city", one of them is the Miniature Book Museum. Here you will be able to contemplate the books the size of a finger pad. In addition, there is a large number of different galleries in Icheri Sheher, where exhibitions are constantly held. It is worth noting that here is situated the art workshop of the famous Azerbaijani artist of modern times - Ali Shemsi, who decorated not only his studio, but also a tree next to it.
Virtually everyone knows about the Maiden Tower (Gyz Galasy). But not everyone knows the following: due to the location of its windows, which are not looking up, but down, it is believed that in each of them is visible one of the planets of the solar system. In any case, no matter how many myths or scientific studies this magnificent structure is surrounded by, there is a stunning view of our capital opening from its viewing platform.
It is impossible to remain hungry in Azerbaijan. Moreover, it is impossible to remain full, but dissatisfied. Our cuisine is an exquisite theme. There are restaurants and cafes for every budget almost at every corner of the "Old city". Perhaps, the first thing that you will be served on the table is the bread "tendir", which has just come from a burning furnace. While eating, you can say "byah-byah", this interjection is an indicator of praise and compliment to the cook. Try the national dishes, we assure you, their taste will remain in your memory for a long time!
Walking along the "Old city", you will see not only interesting monuments (one of the most attractive is the monument to the folk poet Aliaga Vahid), but also the legendary places full of mysticism. A real finding for tourists!
The locals are very hospitable, they will gladly tell you interesting stories, and if they like you, they will also treat you with tea in a national glass "armudu", drinking from it is just a pleasure!