Update WhatsApp will be a gift for hackers and scammers

By Azlocation
2018-09-13 09:08:25

Users who value their privacy will be shocked by the latest changes.

 The WhatsApp developers decided to update their application. Users have already been warned of the huge changes that raise concerns about the protection of personal data.

 According to the new policy, which was adopted in WhatsApp, intruders will have the opportunity to access private correspondence, photos and video files of chat users. The changes became part of the deal between Goolge and WhatsApp.

 The matter is that after updating Google Drive there will be a backup copy of user accounts - it's absolutely free. The disc will automatically save photos, videos, files, as well as chat conversations of the user. Thus, when hacking Google Drive, hackers will have access to the personal data of the application, reports



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