Robot-cashier starts working in Rostov Zoo

By Azlocation
2018-09-20 11:25:26

The service robot WayBot developed by graduates and students of the Don State Technical University of Rostov-On-Don started working in the Rostov Zoo, the press service of the University reports.


Robot cashier will greet visitors, tell them about the history of the zoo, sell entrance tickets, and print tickets purchased on the website of the institution. In addition, according to the developers, WayBot is able to display on the touch screen the latest news about the zoo animals and to announce events.


“Our team is trying to make the zoo mobile and convenient for our guests, and I think the robot WayBot will become a crowd favorite”, the message from the University to the Director of the zoo Alexander Zhadobin said. The robot will accept credit cards through Google Pay.


WayBot was presented to the public in February of this year. It was created with the aim of replacing humans in repetitive operations: payment services, consultations, trips, help in navigation, printing of tickets and photos.


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