Japan Presents First Car Made by 90% From Plastic

By Azlocation
2018-09-29 09:07:11

The first car made by 90 percent from different kinds of plastic has been presented in Japan.


The new concept-car was elaborated by scientists from the University of Tokyo and automotive producers within the state program on innovative technologies creation. Since it is made of plastic, the car weighs 40 percent less than a usual one, which helps to save energy and thus, opens new prospects for developing electric cars.


Use of plastic in automotive production was previously considered impossible due to insufficient solidity. The Japanese scientists managed to solve the problem by combining different types of plastic.


Japan is at the forefront of innovation in the automotive sector. For example, a driverless car service is set to be launched by 2020 Tokyo Olympics to be then commercialized by 2022 in the country, according to a government strategic review announced in early June.


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