Local smart robots started their activities

By Azlocation
2018-10-01 16:12:58

For many years, we have seen how robots in the various countries of the world simplify the daily lives of people. Finally, in Azerbaijan, such convenience will be embodied in our life. In just two months, BNB Dynamis has created a “smart, robot”. The name of the local robot "Bibot" is Baku informational robot. The robot in several languages ​​can answer your questions. It can be placed anywhere in the city where people are served. The robot can call an ambulance, fire, call the police, can send tourists. “Bibot” a can be used in any AVM. In the future, BNB Dynamis will develop fast prototypes of these robots. They will be in different industrial aspects. Artificial intelligence will be used in smart house projects, smart cart, smart store, etc.

Note that, the company BNB Dynamics was established in 2018 in the city of Baku. The main direction of the company is robotics, industrial design, software, development and training of artificial intelligence. At the moment the company is working on a project to create a complete human copy-robot-humanoid.

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