Apple users claim iOS 12 is sending iMessages to the wrong contacts

By Azlocation
2018-10-03 08:52:24

Apple's all-new iOS 12 promises a better user-experience and some really interesting features, but ever since it started rolling out, people have encountered a major problem - one that critically affects their privacy.

 The update, as many pointed out, is merging chats from different contacts, leading to texts inadvertently being sent to the wrong person.

 When iOS started rolling out, Apple detailed its main features and left the minor ones to be discovered, including an iMessage capability that unified chat threads of contacts using more than one email or number.

 The feature was intended to make iMessage cleaner, but now, it is merging chats from different individuals, leading to a much bigger problem.

While it is not hard to imagine how big a confusion merging of two chat threads could create, people have reported several instances of texts going to the wrong person, like a message for husband going to son and vice versa.

 On Apple's Support Community, hundreds of users have reported and upvoted on the issue to find a way to get rid of it.

 Apple hasn't issued an official answer, but the problem appears more common in immediate family relations sharing Apple ID.

 This indicates iOS 12 is considering Apple ID as the basis for determining individuality for merging contacts. In other words, if multiple users - with different contacts and numbers - are on the same ID, it will consider them as a single contact.

 Setting up a separate Apple ID for each member could be the solution, but some users have reported the fix isn't working for already-merged chats.

There's no way to unmerge the threads. Also, not many users are comfortable with setting up individual Apple IDs, as that would affect how they made Apple store purchases.

 Hopefully, Apple notices the glitch and issues an immediate fix.


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