A new font will help to better remember the text.

By Azlocation
2018-10-09 12:37:47

Melbourne has developed the world's first font that helps people remember what they read. It was called Sans Forgetica, and so far it includes only Latin letters and numbers. Download the new font on the website of the Royal Melbourne University of Technology.

According to the developers, they created this font to help students prepare materials for scientific work. The group of Australian researchers includes both design experts and specialists who study human behavior. Together they developed several fonts that, in their opinion, made it possible to memorize text more efficiently. Scientists tested the development on 400 student volunteers, and Sans Forgetica performed better than the rest.

The design of the new font is based on the concept of cognitive psychology. This concept makes the task a bit more complicated than it could be. Thanks to this approach, the brain is better at processing new information. The Sans Forgetica symbols are tilted to the left, they have no serifs, and there are also some parts missing from each symbol. It slows down reading and makes a person ponder over every word.

Font developers claim that it can find many useful applications. For example, students can use it to prepare for exams, and businessmen - to memorize the schedule of meetings, according to Rambler.


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